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Developing Etherium Dapp on your Windows PC using Truffle – Step 4

This is a barebones walkthrough for developing a blockchain decentralized app (Dapp) for Etherium (ERC-20) based tokens. Goal is to go through all the steps needed to set up initial environment and build a first contract that compiles, deploys, test, and can interact with via web3.js Javascript in a web browser.

Step 4: Truffle Develop Console

In this step we will look at the Truffle console before starting testing. Be sure to complete Steps 1 to Step 3 before attempting this step.

1. At the command line in the project folder type:

truffle develop

This will start a development blockchain server and generate 10 test wallets. (NOTE: this is not real Etherium and will not work on MAINNET)

truffle develop

2. You are now in the Truffle development console. You can use the generated public and private wallet keys to test your DApp transactions.

3. You can also compile your project in the console with the command “compile”

truffle(develop)> compile
compile …

4. You can deploy your project in the console with the command “deploy”

truffle(develop)> deploy
deploy …

In the next step we will create a test package and run the test from the console.

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